Nick Friend
Safety Manager

C.T. Brayton & Sons, Inc. takes Safety seriously. We have a full-time Safety Manager that oversees the C.T. Brayton & Sons, Inc. safety program, Nick Friend, who is charged with focusing on accident prevention and maintaining and promoting a safety culture throughout the company.

As a company, C.T. Brayton & Sons, Inc. meets monthly to review the safety of jobsites and preventive measures to limit accidents. The Safety Manager also meets regularly with office and field staff to monitor corrective action plans and has full authority to administer citations or severe actions to ensure the safety of all jobsites. “Safety is no accident.” 

Our Experience Modification Rating (EMR) for 2019 is 0.82%.

Monthly Safety Update

April 2019 - Fall Hazards

OSHA’s cites injuries from falls as the most common cause of accidents on a job site. This month, the C.T. Brayton & Sons team conducted training to identify fall hazards and eliminate exposures. From slips and trips at the ground ...

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March 2019 - Scaffolding Safety

This month the C.T. Brayton & Sons team reviewed the principles of safe scaffolding practices. Training included a comprehensive view of scaffold use in the construction industry. Designated Competent Persons, such as Superintendents and Project Managers, discussed how to inspect ...

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February 2019 - Electrical Hazards

From start to finish, Electrical Hazards are a concern throughout a C.T. Brayton & Sons construction project. Our team works closely with Electrical Subcontractors to ensure that every precaution is taken during this process to eliminate electric shock and electrocution ...

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January 2019 - Trench and Excavation Safety

This month the C.T. Brayton & Sons team reviewed important safety procedures for working around Trenches and Excavations. We often find ourselves working around building footings, utility line trenches, and other specialized earth work excavations. The training included a look ...

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December 2018 - Emergency Action Plan

C.T. Brayton & Sons focused this month’s safety training on the Emergency Action Plan. In the event of an incident C.T. Brayton is committed to providing a rapid yet coordinated response. The EmergencyAction Plan meets CAL/OSHA standards by training employees, ...

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November 2018 - Respirator Training

C.T. Brayton & Sons, Inc. conducted annual Respirator Awareness Training in the continuing effort to ensure the health and safety of its employees. The training included a review of OSHA requirements outlined in our Respirator Protection Program as well as ...

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October 2018 - Our New Safety Manager

Our new Safety Manager, Nick Friend, joined C.T. Brayton & Sons, Inc. in October 2012. Over the past six years, Nick has worked in the field as a Superintendent and Project Engineer. Prior to joining the C.T. Brayton team, Nick ...

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September 2018 - Safety Refresher

C.T. Brayton & Sons, Inc. reviewed existing safety programs and procedures, and conducted a refresher course with the management team. Topics discussed included: Fall Protection, Silica exposure, PPE, Hazcom, Accountability and Liability, Equipment Safety, and Housekeeping.

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August 2018 - Forklift Train-the-Trainer Training

Three employees were successfully trained as trainers for Forklift. This Train-the-Trainer training will allow the trainers to be able to train selected employees on forklifts as needed. C.T. Brayton & Sons is committed to safety and continues to keep employees ...

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July 2018 - Fire Extinguisher Training

July 9, 2018 was our annual Fire Extinguisher Refresher Training. All employees were trained by Cal State Fire using the PASS (Pull, Aim, Squeeze, and Sweep) Method. All required OSHA training is conducted to ensure that our employees are ready ...

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June 2018 - Site Assessments

Formal site assessments are conducted by the Safety Manager every month along with weekly site checks. Superintendents check for safety on their sites on a daily basis. Safety is number one!  

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May 2018 - Heat Illness Prevention Program

C.T. Brayton & Sons, Inc. recently conducted our annual Heat Illness Prevention Safety meeting to review the OSHA required regulations. C.T. Brayton & Sons, Inc. is dedicated to ensuring the safety of our employees.

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April 2018 - CTB Implements Stretch and Flex Program

CT Brayton & Sons, Inc. has implemented a Stretch and Flex Program for all of its on-site employees. At the beginning of each day, every employee will perform these stretches as another step to prevent any injuries.

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July 2017 - CTB Recognized for Safety

Associated Builders and Contractors Northern California (ABC NorCal) announced C.T. Brayton & Sons, Inc. of Escalon, Diede Construction Inc. of Lodi, and SJRRSS, Inc. of Stockton are among its 25 recipients of its 2017 Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP) Awards. ...

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C.T. Brayton receives Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP) Silver Status

ESCALON - Associated Builders and Contractors, Inc. "Safety Training Evaluation Process (STEP) is a safety benchmarking and improvement tool that dramatically improves safety performance among construction industry participants regardless of company size or type of work." C.T. Brayton & Sons received ...

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